You are cordially invited to our Fundraising Event

25 August 2017 | General Interest

The Mary MacKillop Foundation Fundraising Dinner is on Friday, 25 August at Mount St Joseph Girls' College, Altona

MMFThe Mary MacKillop Foundation is a National not for profit organization. The Sisters of St Joseph established the Mary MacKillop Foundation to fund "small life-changing projects".

The Foundation provides community grants to organisations that support vulnerable people in Australia, thus continuing the work begun by St Mary MacKillop.

These grants give individuals and organisations an opportunity to change lives through projects that build dignity as well as educate, enlighten and empower.

St Mary MacKillop believed that education was the foundation for a fulfilling life, it is essential to lift a person out of disadvantage.

MMFThe foundation also supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who would not otherwise be able to afford University. Up to date 100 aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have graduated. These students have completed a variety of degrees including medicine, accounting, media, environmental conservation and teaching. They are now equipped to gain meaningful employment and give back to their communities.

Help us carry on the work of St Mary MacKillop. Our Fundraising Dinner includes Major Auctions, silent auctions and a raffle. Come and join us for a three course meal (BYO Drinks). Appetisers will be served from 7pm.

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Mary MacKillop Foundation Fundraising Dinner

Friday, 25 August 2017 from 7pm

$40.00per person

Mount St Joseph Girls' College
133 Maidstone Street, Altona
RSVP: Tuesday, 18 August 2017

For tickets or more information please call the MMHC on 03 9926 9300 or email