The MacKillop Message of Hope

8 May 2018 | General Interest

The Mary MacKillop Message of Hope depicted by 5 women

From her earliest years, Mary MacKillop was galvanised by the love of the God who impelled her, and by her belief in the value of education as foundational for a full and fulfilling life. Her motto: 'never see a need without doing something about it', led her to minister in many different ways with those who were poor and pushed to the margins. In reverencing the dignity of each person and sharing with them her vision of a new world, she created new opportunities for those she served, responding to needs in the new colonies: educating the poor, caring for the sick, providing shelter for women and children.

Today, Josphites continue to be motivated by these same convictions. We participate in God's mission by serving in a wide range of ministries, to meet needs in a variety of ways.

Josephites can be found in rural areas, schools, shelters, universities, detention centres, parishes, hospitals, courtrooms, ships, isolated places, indegenous communities, prisons, aged care facilities, retreat centres, family care centres, health facilities, on housing estates and in hospices and counselling rooms. We are educators, nurses, therapists, social and pastoral workers, advocates, administrators, spiritual directors, lawyers, administrators, chaplains, parish ministers, theologians, psychologists, artists, authors, and musicians, serving in many roles, as we try to live the Josephite charism in a new world.

Josephites still seek to 'never see a need without doing something about it' and in our present society we know that this is simply everything that calls humanity to life and to God. The spirituality that underpins our mission, and all that we do then, is one of relationship - with God, with one another, and with all of creation.

Come along, read and reflect on the lives of these women. The MacKillop Message of Hope is on display in the Temporary Gallery at Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre for a limited time only. MMHC has a special weekend Open Day on Saturday, 5 May from 10am - 3pm.

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