Using Our God-Given Gifts

Jesus told a parable about the workers who were given talents according to their abilities—one ten, one five and the last, one. Two used their talents to make more, whereas the last hid his afraid of the master. For this he was chastised whereas the others were rewarded. Matth 25


Mary, like all of us, was given gifts to use for the Kingdom. It is up to us to discover them, to use them in our lives, not to hide them and refuse to acknowledge their worth.


Let us look at the gifts Mary had in her life:

1. Her faith enabled her to accept whatever happened as gifts from a loving Father.
2. Her faith encouraged her to share it, so that it would enrich the lives of others as well. Walking the streets around Little Lon in the city, she would speak to the women encouraging them to come to Mass and change their lives. The Providences she established gave them a place to live while waiting new employment.
3. There was a tenacity about her that probably came from her Scottish genes, and a practical outlook on life. Her feet were firmly fixed on the ground. While in NZ she decided the Sisters needed fresh eggs, so she bought some materials and built a chook house for them. While learning to cook flounder without it falling to pieces, she enlisted the help of a neighbour to show her how.
4. Her personality drew others to her—not only young women, but those she met during her travels and her work, men, women and children. Mary obviously had a sense of humour. One story goes that when two novices were helping her out of bed, they dropped her on the floor. Mortified, they looked at Mary who was having a good laugh.

You might be able to name others……………………………….
Often when asked what our own gifts are, we are reluctant, thinking it may be pride. But true humility is acknowledging the truth and accepting it.
Write down what you consider are your gifts, not only practical ones, like sewing etc, but the gifts that emerge from your character e.g., loyalty, friendliness, sense of humour….

SIMPLE GIFTS More Australian Psalms– Bruce Prewer Aust Lutheran Church—Used with permission

The smell of the bush after some rain,
The desert in flower on a red plain
The coming of sleep after much pain
For gifts simple and profound
We thank you, loving Friend.
The sound of the waves along the shore
The children’s laughter as they explore,
The promise of grace for evermore;
For gifts simple and profound
We thank you, loving Friend.
The sight of wild swans on a calm lake
The taste of summer in a fruitcake,
Travelling by faith after a mistake.
For gifts simple and profound
We thank you, loving Friend.



Loving God, you gifted us with your Son, Jesus, who has gifted us with the Bread of Life.
You placed us in this wonderful world with its gifts to delight the senses, giving joy to us every day.
As well you have gifted us with abilities to achieve success and friends and to find employments to sustain our lives.
Other gifts we find precious are our saints, especially St Mary MacKillop, a gift to the Australian Church and people.
For all these gifts we thank you and pray that we use them wisely and appreciate them deeply.