Professional Development

A number of professional learning programs for teachers are available at Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre

These professional learning program includes a 1.5 hour presentation and guided tour of the Mary MacKillop Museum. Programs directly relate to the Religious Education Curriculum Framework and are approved by the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) for the purpose of Accreditation to teach in a Catholic School.

Cost: $30.00 per participant.

Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre ¦ 362 Albert Street,  East Melbourne

Mary MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph's Contribution to Catholic Schooling in Australia

In this presentation you will learn of Mary MacKillop’s and the Sisters of St Joseph’s contribution to Catholic schooling in Australia. You will learn of the many obstacles they faced bringing Catholic schooling to children from poor families.

Government funding for Catholic schooling was cut in Victoria with the introduction of the 1872 Education Act. This funding was cut as early as 1851 in South Australia. This presentation will cover the context in which Mary MacKillop worked in relation to the Catholic education system and priorities of the Australian Catholic church in the 19th century. It will explore how Mary MacKillop responded; how she co-founded the Sisters of St Joseph and schools, both based on egalitarian principles. It will further explore the obstacles Mary faced bringing Catholic schooling to children from poor families in both the outback regions of Australia and working-class suburbs.


2022 Dates to be confirmed 

For more information please email Ms Anmaree Iaccarino.

Julian Tenison Woods - Ecospirituality and Sustainability

The Catholic Church has publicly recognised Mary MacKillop for her life of holiness, her major role in founding the Sisters of St Joseph and her work for the poor. Julian Tenison Woods, the co-founder of the Josephite Congregation with Mary MacKillop, was a man of faith with concern for the poor and a deep love for the environment. He saw God in everything around him.

Every rock, every leaf, every insect has something beautiful, nay wonderful to tell… a perfect fairy land of beauty; the stones reveal their crystalline structure, and the tiniest insect display wonders of mechanism…. All new, all varied, all instructive, and all tending to raise the mind to higher and nobler conceptions of what creation does to declare the glory of its author. 1880

Not only was Julian Tenison Woods the first Director of Catholic Education for South Australia, he was also a priest, scientist, poet, author and geologist. Julian was strong in his faith, living the gospel values through his service to others, celebrating the Sacraments in the outback and playing a major part in the Catholic education of the young in early Australian history.

This program directly relates to the Religious Education Curriculum Framework:

  • Level 4, Grade 5   People of God in Australia
  • Level 4, Grade 6   A Community of Faith – Called to Serve
  • Year 7 Unit 3A   God and People in Creation
  • Year 9 Unit 2b   The Catholic Church in Australia
  • Year 10 Unit 5b Working for Justice in Australia

This program also relates to the school curriculum covering sustainability, where the participants are developing new learning through the story and eco-spirituality of Julian Tenison Woods. The ecospirituality of Julian Tenison Woods is explored: his deep love for living out the values of Jesus and the teachings of Scripture through ministering to others, reminding us of our close relationship between God’s creation and our relationship with God. This is carried out through presentation and workshop.


Approval Code: REC-011579

2022 Dates to be Confirmed 

For more information please email Ms. Eileen White

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