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A Daily Cuppa with Mary and Julian 

A book designed for those little pauses in the day, perhaps over a cuppa, that allow our souls to catch up with the rest of our lives.


Mary MacKillop Unveiled

An extraordinary story of the 'bold' woman behind the veil, once outlawed by the church hierarchy and now held up by the same church as a model for others. Mary is indeed a model of courage and selflessness. Her egalitarian vision and penetrating social conscience have a special relevance for Australians of our own time.


Mary MacKillop: The Ground of Her Loving

This book delves more deeply into what inspired this great Australian, and her devotion to children and to the poor. It is moving to read the loving advice Mary gave to the Sisters, to recognise her lack of self importance, and her openness to whatever was to be.


Six Little Stories about Mary MacKillop

This is a little book for little people about Mary MacKillop whom we often forget was once a little person too.


Except in Obedience

In exploring the history of the two foundations in Ballarat, Victoria and bringing to life the characters who made the story, Except in Obedience draws together a series of complex events and intriguing personalities


A Faith-Filled Family Mary MacKillop’s Sisters & Brothers

A well-presented book by Judith Geddes rsj. It is based on formerly unknown correspondence between members of Mary MacKillop's immediate family and, in so doing, has introduced the reader to Mary's parents and siblings