Waiting On The Lord

Advent is about learning to wait. It is about not having to know exactly what is coming tomorrow, only that whatever it is, it is of the essence of sanctification for us. Every piece of it, some hard,
some uplifting, is sign of the work of God alive in us. We are becoming as we go. We learn in Advent to stay in the present, knowing that only the present well-lived can possibly lead us to the
fullness of life.

Extract taken from The Joy of Advent, Pope Francis

Mary of Nazareth did not know by what road she must venture, what pains she must suffer, what risks she must face. But she is aware that it is the Lord asking and she entrusts herself totally to Him; she abandons herself to his love. This is the faith of Mary! Mary teaches us to seize the right moment when Jesus comes into our life and asks for a ready and generous answer.

(Read this paragraph again and see how it applies to Mary MacKillop)
When we look at Mary MacKillop’s life we can see the many times she spent waiting:

  1. Waiting for the time she could leave her family to serve God as a Religious
  2. Waiting for the time of excommunication to end
  3. Waiting in Rome and during her travels for Rome’s decision on the Institute
  4. Waiting for her illness to pass so she could get going again.
  5. Waiting for trains, coaches and friends to take her to her destination
  6. Waiting for a letter from Fr Woods who seemed to have discarded their friendship
  7. (Can you name other times of waiting for her…)
    What do you think was her attitude while waiting?
    One thing, she had no mobile phone!

Recall times when you were waiting. How did you use this opportunity?



Come, Advent God, and complete the special work of love
Which you began in Jesus of Nazareth.
Many are cast down with spiritual needs
Thirsting for the peace of your forgiveness
And the warmth of your healing love.
Come to them with the grace they desperately need.

Australian Prayers Bruce Prewer Used with permission Aust Lutheran Church

Response: At evening or midnight, morning or midday, Come Lord Jesus.

Many are in despair through physical hardship
Seeking relief from their burdens, and hope in the midst of their cares.
Come to them with the help they desperately need
Many have minds and souls filled with hatred
Lives shackled by prejudice and terrible obsession
In Northern Ireland, the Middle East, Africa. South America, Asia and in our own Australia.
Come to them with the conversion they so desperately need.

Lord, help me to learn to quietly wait upon You and to rest in Your love, knowing that you have my life in your hands.. Give me the courage and wisdom to be still and to wait quietly, patiently and expectantly knowing that Your timing is perfect and that You know the plans that You have purposed for my life, even though I do not. May I always be open to your coming.